About Me

Hello! My name is Beth Chinderle and I've been sharing my sewing, puppet making and quilting adventures on this Bettina DANGER blog since July 2012. I live in Austin, Texas with my loves, Henry and Annie Kitty. When I'm not sewing or thinking about sewing, I spend my time dancing to Henry + The Invisibles, snuggling with Annie Kitty, and working as an Elementary Math Curriculum Specialist where I contribute to the LISD Elementary Math Blog.
My sewing adventures began with this hand-stitched, eco-friendy pillowcase puppet...Petunia Erin! One night, I decided that I needed a puppet for my classroom and low and behold she was born! After that experience, I realized that I desperately needed a sewing machine to figure out how to make more puppets.

I stumbled upon quilting through my work friend, Jeananne, who offered me the rail fence quilt pattern and said, "Give it a try!" Honestly, the pattern lived in my lap top bag until one day I was ready for the challenge. Now I'm hooked on quilting!

My main goal is learning and I have a ton of that to do! My hope is that you will look around my blog, get ideas, give ideas and join me in the learning process.

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