Thursday, March 3, 2016

FIVE Ways to Hang a Quilt!

There are a variety of ways you can hang a quilt and these are my top 5 - in no particular order. Since there are so many approaches, my advice is don't stress and make do with what you have around the house! Soda tops, yard sticks, rulers, scrap fabric, old sewing machine needles....make it work!!!

1. The Hanging Sleeve
A D-sleeve is the standard sleeve for hanging. The "D" shape allows the quilt to hang flat and provides "give" in the sleeve.
Hanging Sleeve Tutorial (Part 1) by Jacquie Gering
Hanging Sleeve Tutorial (Part 2) by Jacquie Gering  

2. Corner Pockets
Another method of making a hanging sleeve for smaller quilts is to use two charm squares. Simply fold each charm square diagonally, wrong sides together. Then pin one charm square to the back of the quilt at the top left corner and the other charm square to the back of the quilt at the top right corner, aligning the raw edges of the charm squares with the raw edges of the quilt. After the binding is applied, the raw edges will be encased and a dowel can be slipped into the charm square “pockets.” The dowel can rest on two evenly spaced nails in order to hang the quilt.
Charm Square Video Tutorial by Beth Ferrier on Craftsy

I used a yard stick to hang this quilt. It only cost me 98 cents!
3. Curtain Rod/Hanging Loops
If you have a decorative rod, such as a small curtain rod, you can use that to hang your quilt and you won’t have to worry about hiding the rod behind the quilt.

4. Soda Tab
Hand stitch a soda tab on the back of the quilt and use a nail to hang it! Great for oddly shaped quilts such as a triangle or irregular polygon.
This is silly really, but it illustrates the point that you can use anything. You can also purchase small plastic rings. I hear that Austin Creative Reuse has them for CHEAP!

5. Clear Fridge Clips
Command Fridge Clips are a flexible way to hang your mini quilt because when you are getting tired of looking at your can simply change it out. Thanks Kimberly Schneider for the great idea! If you can't find these clips at a local store, you can order on Amazon.

MORE!!! Other ideas/resources:

Here are some other types of materials you can use to hang quilts:
  • Dowel rods
  • Yardstick
  • Ruler
  • Craft Wood - 1/4" x 1"- 2"
  • Curtain rods
  • Circle loops
  • Soda Tabs
  • Command strips
  • Nails
  • Tacks
  • Screw eyes
  • Old Sewing Machine Needles

  • What's your favorite way to hang a quilt?

    Thursday, January 8, 2015

    My Last Quilt of 2014...A Baby Boy Quilt

    Happy New Year!!! 

    I realized this week that the last few months of 2014 were so hectic that I didn't have a chance to post my last quilt of 2014. It was created for my cousin and her new baby boy, Mitchell. Using 5 inch squares and 2.5 inch strips, I organized fabrics around on the design wall until I felt the colors were balanced.

    The finished quilt was about 40 by 44 inches. My favorite part is the sweet little bunny fabric I picked up at The Cloth Pocket here in Austin. It is called Furry Tales in Minty from the Littlest collection by AGF Studio. I coordinated the rest of the fabrics with that special print and I love how it came together from using fabrics I collected the past few years.

    Some of the fabrics I used were: Carolyn Friedlander Hand Drawn Stripes in Charcoal, Alison Glass Sunprint Feathers in Teal, Joel Dewberry Wood Grain in Vintage Yellow, and Kona Silver.

    Using leftover scraps, I dreamed up that Bunnyfish creature and two little crinkle sensory toys. I'm told by my cousin Nicole that babies loves those things. I think my cat would love a smaller version.

    For the backing fabric, I picked out a teal minky fabric. I originally chose a dark gray but once I had the top sewn together I changed my mind. On the quilting, I did semi-random straight lines. Overall, I think the finished quilt is soft and sweet for a little newborn baby boy!

    That closes up my quilts for 2014...can't wait to see what is in store for 2015!

    Monday, September 15, 2014


    I am guest blogging over at My Cuddle Corner today, the Shannon Fabrics blog! If you follow me on Instagram (@bettinadanger), you might remember a few photos my Fraction Remix Quilt. Check out the link above to see some more photos and get a few tips on sewing with Cuddle Fabric.

    Some of the fabrics I used in the Fraction Remix Quilt were from this kit and here is your chance to win it!!!

    To enter to win this cuddly kit, tell me what you would make with it in the comments below!

    Winner will be announced Friday, Sept. 19th at 5pm. Best of luck!

    Saturday, August 2, 2014

    The Laurel Dress

    I woke up today thinking about the Laurel Dress by Colette Patterns. Earlier in the year, I made this dress and found the pattern to be simple and easy to follow. There are a ton ways to customize this pattern and even a free Digital Ebook with instructions for different variations.