Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lavender Thank You Hearts

Recently, I celebrated my birthday! I have officially been around the sun 29 times!

Each year, I am truly blessed to have family and friends who always reach out to me. In fact, my Mama, Aunt Pam in Colorado, and both of my Grandmothers have never missed one! My boyfriend and his father have been celebrating all month long with me (I love 'BirthDayMonth'!) and my work friends made my day special as well. So, for all of these amazing people in my life, I created some thank you gifts as an expression of my gratitude!
 Heart-shaped lavender sachets!
Look what came in the mail! My labels!!! This project was a perfect way to get familiar with sewing them in the seam.
The same day I decided to make the hearts, I remembered that the farmer's market has TEXAS lavender! I purchased this quart sized bundle. My house smells goooooood.
Each heart has my label on the side.
I enjoy picking out fabric for my loved ones. When I Skyped with my Grandmother last week she loved the yellow fabric and my Mom was drawn to the purple. I love video chat!
The numbered ones were for my math expert friends.
Once I made one, I couldn't STOP!
Birthday rose blessings before the packages went into the mail. There will be some fragrant mail boxes this week!
THANK YOU to everyone for remembering me on my birthday!

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