Friday, February 1, 2013

Warren's Best Friend

Last year, when my cheerful friend Maggie was expecting her first baby, she asked me to create a puppet for him. Since she was expecting a boy, she requested a boy puppet, but left all of the creativity up to me! She trusted me to design a friend that would be perfect for her little boy, Warren.

So, I kept asking myself, "Where do I begin?" Well, if you know Maggie, she glows with enthusiasm. Since she is such a bright and bubbly person, I knew I had to parallel her high-spirited energy! I happily introduce to you "Warren's Best Friend"! All the way from Pooga Planet (the place in space where all my puppets originate)...Welcome to the world, little one!
What's not to love about this little guy? 
"Warren's Best Friend" is complete with a bright teal t-shirt, baseball cap, and lime green hair! Besides constructing his body, I really enjoyed sewing up the accessories. To take a vision in my mind and produce that vision with my own two hands is ultimate fulfillment. 
He's very confident, creative and has no problem expressing his emotions! 
All of my puppets are complete with their very own birth certificate! Actually, it's a birth album, known as "Birth of a Puppet"!

I know Maggie will use this puppet to the fullest! Her son, Warren, has lots of puppet play time in his future. Did you know that puppets are a wonderful and different way to interact with your baby? You can play peek-a-boo, read stories, laugh and talk! All of those things are perfect ways to introduce social interaction at a young age. I can't wait to hear about all the fun Maggie and Warren are going to have!

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