Sunday, May 19, 2013

From Scraps to iPhone Case!

I have a lime green scrap bin that holds fabric pieces. It keeps staring at me every week saying, "Sort me, sort me, SORT ME!" Despite the constant pestering, I shove it back onto the shelf and keep sewing, accumulating more and more fabric scraps.

So, I decided to sort out everything in the bin this weekend. I began by organizing it into two piles: keep and too small to keep.

Just as I was about to throw away the "too small to keep" pile, I remembered that I really wanted to make an iPhone Case to keep my new phone from scratching.

So, here it is...

And here is a photo of the back:

I love these scrappy projects because each little piece tells a story about something I've created! What a great "memory case" to hold a device I use daily!