Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rhombi in the Sky Quilt

Remember the equilateral triangle quilt progress I posted about last month? Well, although this quilt has been finished for a few weeks, I did not want to post any other photos until it was given to its owner which was Henry's dad, Henry! I'm pretty sure he liked it! I decided to name it Rhombi in the Sky. In my opinion, there are two fronts to the just depends on what you are in the mood to look at!
How many rhombi do you see? How did you see them? A little subitizing (the ability to see a group of objects without counting) practice for you! Here we have 3 large and 6 small rhombi. I placed each rhombus on my design wall to match one of my sketches and voila! Rhombi in the sky was born. 
This is the second front of the quilt and it has 12 rows of equilateral triangles with 17 triangles in each row. Can you mentally do the math to find out how many triangles are on this quilt top? Try it now and then see if you did it similar to me. I thought of 12 x 12 and that is 144, and 12 x 5 = 60 (that 5 was left from the 17) So, 144 and 60 is 204 triangles! The finished dimensions were about 54" x 78". I'm estimating because I don't remember and the quilt is gone. If each side of the triangles are 6 1/2 inches, does that seem reasonable? (Last math question, I promise.)
Close up of the quilting. I tried my best to make some sharp angles but they ended up looking like STARS! I think it matched quite well with the rhombus side of the quilt.
Besides my Bettina DANGER tag, I don't have any custom quilt labels but I do like to quilt a few words and numbers. I smile every single time I hear those words above.

Thank you for reading!
Peace, Love and Happiness to YOU!

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  1. Hi Bettina! It's lovely and I am sure he loved it. Clever you to quilt words

  2. Beautiful, creative, fun and full of love! Henry's dad is now experiencing all the unspoken hugs a quilt can offer. You did, as always, a fantastic job! Love you - Karen