Wednesday, March 12, 2014

WIP: Spring Break Edition!

I'm trying to use every precious minute of spring break to check some things off my to-do list!

So far,  my "Power of Ten" quilt is quilted!

Tonight, I will begin to sew the binding while watching Wheel of Fortune and Netflix with Henry. Then, I can cross this off my AMQG WOW list!

Remember this "Grass Garden Maze" I created with the awesome grass fabric that Angela and Gina from Bunny's Designs sent me? I'm going to resume progress on this and create some pillows for my couch. Let the "spring puking" commence! ; -)

These were my purchases from the Austin Shop Hop. I made a dress from the top left and I'm going to use some of the others for my spring pillows. (Notice I needed to buy more grass? I'm addicted!)

Lastly, I finished the Laurel dress yesterday! I choose to keep in simple and make it sleeveless. I love it! 

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! :) 


  1. You keep busy! I loved seeing the base ten quilt in person. That quilting is so awesome. Very nice work!

  2. Hi there! I'm a member of the Rhode Island Modern Quilt Guild and just found you while on the MQG site. I love the infinity scarf you had on, and as I visited your blog I spotted that same fabric on one of your posts - love it! And I love your quilts - especially the first one you made - fabulous colors and quilting! Anyway, nice to "meet" you, and looking forward to "following" your blog. (some one of these days I will get myself a new cell phone and be on Instagram, too) happy quilting! and math teachering :-)

  3. Super cute dress! I love some of the quilts you have made :)