Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Recently, I bought a house! So, as you may gather, it has been hard to sew this past month. Somewhere between closing on a house, working on making math come alive and moving into the new house, sewing has been put on the back burner. Well, the back burner of my mind! I'm mentally sewing all sort of goodies for this house! However, since I haven't been able to physically sew, I thought I would share some pictures....
Front View
Cat Ledge! Annie has a perfect spot to look out! I'm thinking it's a cozy place to put a long quilted pillow so she can lounge and watch birds. Actually, a bird feeder would be a nice addition to that window!
Not quite sure what to do with all of these windows! I love the open living area. I can't wait to sew up some pillows for the couch, place mats for the table, art for the wall...
The house has new carpet, so the stairs have film to protect while we are moving in. Annie's going to love running up and down these stairs as soon as she gets used to the house. 
Here is a photo of her right before she took her first step down! I took some priceless video of this moment! 
Master Bedroom!
Kitchen! I'm making Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday!
Looking out at those oak trees...
Math photo! Can you figure out the area of the kitchen floor?
Front bedroom AKA sewing room! There is a ton of natural light in the room. This sewing room has inspired me to think about all of possibilities for organizing. I can't wait to get my room set up...high on the priority list.
Here's a before photo....Stay tuned for the after...
I feel so blessed and thankful this week for a new place to call home! Happy Thanksgiving!

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