Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pegasus Quilt Wall Hanging

This pegasus quilt wall hanging is in memory of my father, Stephen A. Chinderle, or as most people knew him by his nickname...SAC. It's hard to believe he has been gone 6 years today. I often wonder what he would ask me to sew him if he were still alive since I didn't sew back then. So, my wonderings led me to this project in his memory.

A few months before my father passed away, he asked my grandmother to make 30 of these ceramic pegasus figurines for the friends he worked with at Mobil Oil Corporation, actually now ExxonMobil. Unfortunately, he died before my grandmother could give them to him. You can imagine how heartbreaking this felt to look at all of these figurines and wonder exactly what my dad wanted to do with them.

Of course, he wanted one in his daughter's sewing room! ;-) My dad loved the pegasus image and the color red. I know he would have asked me to make something with those two elements.

So, here it is! A perfect (well maybe not totally perfect) pegasus quilt wall hanging! I had a great time reminiscing about my father while I sewed this together. I was reliving and appreciating the good times!

And I was smiling while working on my free-motion quilting!

Thank goodness for Skype! My family and friends who live back home helped design the format for the back. I'm positive that was my dad's touch. On a side note, this was the perfect application of a math standard (communicate mathematical ideas using multiple representations and language) as my family was forced to describe where and how to move the half-square triangles without touching them!

All in all, I'll probably always feel like my dad was taken from us too soon, but then again, I'll always appreciate the 23 years of life we did get to spend together.  I know he's smiling down from Heaven!

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  1. My dear sweet Beth--The first day I met you at a retreat way back when, I fell in love with you. After reading about your special Pegasus wall hanging in honor of your dad, I am reminded why.
    I am so touched. Never forget how wonderful you are!!!!