Friday, July 25, 2014

A few things...

Let's see how many times I can write "few" in this blog.

It's been such a hectic few months and I haven't written a blog since May. I guess a few months isn't too bad. If you are curious about what I've been sewing or doing on my vacation from work, follow me on Instagram @bettinadanger! Leave a few comments!

In the past few months, I've made a few pairs of shorts, a few dresses and a few quilts. I just haven't had a few minutes to post everything! I also became Vice President of Events for the Austin Modern Quilt Guild so my days have been busy planning a few events. Hey! YOU should become a member of this awesome group and meet a few amazing quilters!

I feel blessed that my life is rich and full of moments that keep me busy.

The next week (one of my last few weeks of vacation), I'm going to try and write a few blogs about some projects I finished. I have to be honest 1974 Monte Carlo will arrive in TEXAS on Tuesday so I can't promise anything other than that I'll be cruisin' the streets.
 Go out and get some fabric at the Austin Shop Hop
Not sure I like the word "few" anymore. I won't do that again. Thanks for humoring me. 
As a lover of numbers, I'll be using those again.

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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing what you have sewn up ; )