Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Last Week of Summer Break

This week has been full of inspiration! So of course, I have lots of 'irons in the fire' and quite a few things that I want to finish up before summer break is over. Oh wait, that's only one day! I better get on it!

A few months back, my friend shared an apron pattern she found on Pinterest and I would like to share the link with you! This site is called sew4home and it has several projects to browse. I’ve made some pillows, bags, and other odds and ends using tutorials on this site. Clear directions, clear pictures…very helpful.

So, here is an apron that I finally shipped out this week. Last year, I made a few aprons of this style for Christmas gifts and my Aunt requested one with specific colors that coordinated with her kitchen. I didn't have an extra person around to actually model the apron and someone just wasn't feeling like taking pictures!
Thanks for the help Annie Kitty! ;)
 Anyway, you get the idea!
Wooden buttons
 There is even a place for a dish towel!
Convenient Pockets
Trying out my decorative stitches...they add such sweet details sometimes! These were little flowers.
You could definitely wear this reversible, however, I didn't put pockets on the back. It looks cute either way though!

In other quilt-y type news, I’ve recently learned about AND joined the Austin Modern Quilt Guild! WOW! This is an amazing group of quilters and I am thrilled and inspired to be a member of this group. If you are interested, they meet every second Thursday of the month at this fabulous shop called Remnants:fiber[culture]. You have to 'Like' this local business on FB! The energetic and super friendly shop owner Jessica rocks! She’s got all kinds of modern quilting fabrics in her store and so much going on that I don’t even know about yet, but I know I will be back. She helped me pick out some fabrics for a baby quilt that I am finishing up.  
Seriously, I learned so much from her in the 20 minutes I was there and as a new quilter I appreciate all the help I can get. Check out her blog and definitely visit her store! I'm sure I'll be talking more about this place in future posts. Thank you for everything, Jessica!

In puppet's a tiny sneak peek at a new friend...
Let's just say that positivity and smiles are the center of this one's heart. Blog post coming soon!

Lastly...My Love is For You! Thank YOU for reading my thoughts and thank YOU H+TI for creating these beautiful songs!


  1. Wow, that was a lot of information! Did you see the apron info that I messaged you on FB? I like aprons too!

    1. That's right, I did see that! I'll have to bookmark that video for future reference! :)