Saturday, August 4, 2012

Primary Pouches

I've created quite a few zippered pouches in the past, but now that I have learned about quilting I thought I would take the zippered pouches to a new level and try quilted zippered pouches.  In this post, you will see three different pouches using the three primary colors (red, blue, and yellow). I designed the front of each pouch unique but still used the same fabrics. They all have the same backing fabric and lining as well. I plan on sewing up many more of these especially since school will be back in session soon. I'll need to make custom sizes for my iPad, computer accessories, plugs, pencils, journal, etc!
Each pouch has a different color zipper.

Pouch #1: Yellow Zipper
This one is quilted using straight vertical lines and yellow thread to match the zipper. I also made a matching card holders to go inside each pouch.

Pouch #2: Blue Zipper
I quilted this one using diagonal lines and blue thread to match the zipper. There is no wrist strap on this one because I envisioned it to be more like a pencil pouch or money bag.

Pouch #3: Red Zipper
Straight line quilting with matching read thread on this one.

And last but not least, let me introduce you to my new friend! I learned that my seam ripper always gets hidden for some reason. I decided to make him a little more obvious to find. Meet 'Mac the Ripper'!