Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Earthy Log Cabin Quilt

Log cabin quilts have intrigued me lately. I've learned you can do so much with this type of quilt block, but I kept it basic and used fabric choice and color to liven up the design. Here we go...

This baby/lap quilt is being made for my cousin, Nicole, who lives in Chicago, Illinois. She is a hardworking, loving mother to Nolan and Nina. Aren't they precious? When I mentioned to Nicole that I recently began making quilts, she told me, "Oh Beth, we are quilt people!" Nicole loves earthy colors and I feel blessed and challenged to make her family something they will enjoy visually and practically. I mean, she's got two babes...(actually 3, her husband Kevin is not pictured) this quilt needs to look good and serve a purpose! Love you guys so much! xoxo

I started by finding some earthy fabric. I have a personal connection with bright colors so I had to incorporate some pops of color into the quilt. Using the basic log cabin block, I made 8 different blocks using my own formula:  4 blocks with pattern fabric on the outside and 4 blocks with a solid fabric on the outside, 4 solid colors for the inside and each group of 4 has one of those colors on the inside. Then, I doubled the 8 original blocks for a total of 16 blocks. I knew that I wanted the quilt to be square, so I tried to pick a square number to work with.

These are what I started calling the 'solid blocks'.

 These are the 'pattern blocks'.
 So... 4 solid blocks, 4 pattern blocks---doubled!
(4 x 2)+(4 x 2)=16 or 2(4+4)=16 or 4+4+4+4=16
However you want to write that with numbers!
I did lots of arranging to meet my desired pattern. I love how it turned out.
These were the fabrics for the binding and the backing of the quilt.
I sewed the binding by hand. Serious concentration!
Action shots. Gotta protect that thumb with a homemade bandage.
Diagonal lines were used for quilting. I love how they turned out.
(insert Nolan and Nina) Perfect picnic!
Ta da!
Zilker Park Magic!
I hope you enjoy this quilt, Nikole! Made with love from Austin to Chicago*


  1. Great job! I like your color combinations! Have you ever heard of lap quilting? I worked on one a long time ago. It is where you make panels that are about 2 feet by 2 feet (or something like that) apply batting and quilt them on a small quilting frame, leaving the edges unfinished. When you have all of your squares batted and quilted, you sew them together. I can show you my lap quilting frame some time if you would like to see how they work. You could probably buy one, or make one.

    1. Thanks! No, I've never heard of lap quilting. We will have to chat more about it. I'll be in Jaguar land on Tuesday morning!

  2. Bethy, I wanted to check in and let you know how much we are enjoying this beautiful quit. Nina sleeps on it every night. This past weekend after much reluctance, we washed the quit. Fearful it would lose it's just sewn shape and feel, we crossed our fingers and toes prior to putting it in the wash. To our relief and surprise, the quit came out clean and in the exact same shape prior to wash. It still looks and feels like brand new! You truly have a talent Beth and you continue to amaze us with your creativity. We love you!

    1. Oh wonderful! I am so glad that it turned out okay...good thing you crossed your fingers and toes! That always does the trick! Thanks for checking in because I was wondering about that. If it ever needs repair...don't worry, I'll fix it up! Love you guys so much and thank you for the compliments. You are too sweet. :) :) :)