Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hexagon Table Topper

Growing up, my Grandmother (AKA Grandma Chin, my Dad's mother) has eaten her meals at the same kitchen table for as long as I can remember. It's a square table with an area of about 16 square feet. 
This is Grandma Chin sitting at her table counting the silver after Thanksgiving one year. It's a classic photo of her! I need to get it framed!

Back to the point...she usually prefers some sort of centerpiece as opposed to place mats. For Christmas this year I thought it would be appropriate to sew a hexagon table topper out of her favorite colors. Of course, since she's a coffee drinker, this centerpiece is complete with a matching mug rug.
 Back (or front I guess!)
I tried to quilt some flowers all over it because the fabric had them. They're wonky but yet cool at the same time!
I looked away for one minute...
And now I have a turtle kitty!
 Mug Rug Front
 Mug Rug Back

Those last two photos were so you could get the full effect! ; )

And so, here are the tutorials that inspired my creations today...One from My Cotton Creations and one from Oh, Fransson

I won't be able to physically see my Grandma open her gift this year, but I know she'll love it. 
Happy Holidays, Y'all! :)

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