Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scrappy Christmas Tree Skirt

Holiday season is here once again!
The Christmas tree entered the house with only a few swear words to add the the word wall! I say it was a successful delivery!

Once I had this Noble Pine in our living room, I realized that it needed a tree skirt. So, using all of the purple, green, blue and yellow fabric scraps I collected over this past year I began sorting and sewing!
This large board was perfect for designing each section of the circular skirt.
What do I say about this?
It's definitely not traditional...but, hey, I was working with what I had! I dug this project because it allowed me to use up lots of leftover fabric. A refreshing way to wrap up the year.

Now, I've never been one for decorating, but I have this empty tree, it's the Christmas season, and I needed ornaments...
So last week, I made the lined drawstring bags for my Mothers and several little triangular pieces were about to go in the garbage...until I got the Christmas tree. All it takes is a little holiday cheer and BAM...snowball ornaments! 

Then I added ribbon, candy canes and anything else that worked from the Christmas box...and the tree just magically started to get a little character! Hopefully by Christmas I'll find enough ways to decorate all of the bare spots! :)

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Pretty!! I like how you used up scraps, it satisfies my frugal side. It also makes a pretty skirt! I once taught a class on making a circular tablecloth for the Extension Homemaker's Club.