Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Fabric from the Austin Shop Hop!

The Austin Fabric Shop Hop this past weekend was phenomenal! There were 6 stores participating (2 are usually exclusively online) and they all stock amazing fabric. Seriously...eye candy all day long! Click on the link above to see all of the stores that you can support if you need fabric!
Some of the items I bought are for my living room like the gorgeousness to the far left and the geometric print in the center. I'm itching to spice up that room with a floor pillow and/or cushion. The light blue, purple and orange fabric toward the front will be a perfect background for the future math teacher leader quilt flag. Annie Kitty is sitting to the right of some fabric that will become bags! And of course, do you spy the hexagon earrings? Math jewelry...my favorite! They will go perfect with my hexagon slacks I snagged up during tax free weekend.
I already made my mama an iPhone sleeve from some fabric she picked out. *Feeling blessed* Birthday month is turning out to be awesome! 9 more days of my twenties!