Monday, July 23, 2012

Grandma Marge's Old Couch

Recently, I made some homemade items from my Grandmother’s old raggedy couch! She had it for so many years and before it went in the trash, I asked my mother to salvage some of the fabric. We had so many good times on that couch over the years, I just had to make a few items to savor the memories!

I made a purse, eyeglass case, and a bunch of credit card holders. All of the items are lined with a white eyelet fabric. Grandma Marge decided to use one of the smaller card holders for her rosary. I kept one for myself to hold some gift cards. The possibilities are endless for those little pouches! I only wish I had more fabric from the couch!

This is Grandma Marge standing in front of her new couch with her new 'old couch' purse. Overall, she loves and uses all of the recycled couch goods. I know this because when we talk in the morning I get a full report. So, before your Grandmother throws out her old couch or anything with some fabric on it...make a few keepsakes. She'll treasure them and appreciate that they are handmade! 


  1. Love the idea of making things out of fabric that has sentimental value. I made little pillow cases out of my late best friend's pajama pants! I think of her every night when I go am getting in bed.