Monday, July 30, 2012

Perfectly Purple Popcorn Perfectionist

A few months ago my friend challenged me with a task to make a truly unique puppet. She is a phenomenal writing teacher and is planning on using the puppet to help grow her students as writers. How awesome is that? It gets better. Her class is always thinking of ways to make stories "pop" as they move from kernel essays to popcorn essays. 

Now, I have a puppet called "Pop" and you might remember him. You can find him on my puppet page. Even though he initially seemed like a perfect fit for this puppet, I try to keep all my creations unique. My friend also mentioned that her puppet should be a boy and that she loves purple! So, after much thought, the "Perfectly Purple Popcorn Perfectionist" was born!

They are always a little shy before they meet their owner!

He's equipped with a red and white vest, bow tie, and popcorn yellow buttons inspired by a traditional popcorn container.

I had to see if he liked popcorn....

 ...and he does! The Non-GMO kind of course!!!!
This handsome friend is complete with his very own birth certificate!

Of course, I believe everyone should have a puppet no matter what your line of work, but if you are a teacher, you definitely need one! Contact me for your own before the school year starts!

So all in all, I hope my friend and her new class of students are going to grow attached to this little guy. What do you think?

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