Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kaleidoscopic Kites Quilt

After I completed the Rail Fence Quilt, I looked at my fabric and came to the realization that most of it was blue and lime green. I guess it is obvious that I love those colors! So, for my next quilt I knew I wanted to work on something that had a variety of colors. This would also allow me to start building up my "fabric stash." Here is a link for the free pattern.

So, I started with this stack of fabric. It was all washed and folded so pretty! Did you know that there is a method to this? There are some seriously creative ways to fold and organize fabric. If you are a quilter, you probably have a cool way you like to do it! Please share!

Cutting, measuring, cutting, measuring, cutting, measuring...

At the dollar store you can buy a cheap tablecloth with flannel backing to hold your pieces of fabric. A super cheap way to layout the quilt design before actually sewing it! (Thanks Jeananne! Seriously, I was about to go to the store and purchase a bunch of flannel until my friend hipped me to a cheaper way.) Since I used two to three different types of fabric per color I actually switched quite a few squares around until they were in their desired position.

This did not take long to sew. Wouldn't it look good if all of the white squares were black? Hmmm...

The quilt sandwich is all quilted! With my walking foot I quilted diagonal lines in both directions. A few of the lines are a little wonky, but overall I think it turned out beautifully!  I didn't measure the lines out ahead of time so I was just using my spatial reasoning skills and going by the patterns already there on the quilt top. Needless to say,  it was very meditative quilting all of the lines.

I loved the binding fabric. It was a greenish-blue design. Go figure, I love those colors! After I attached the binding to the quilt I sewed the rest of the binding by hand. It took forever, but it really does look a lot better for both sides of the quilt! And hey, my hand sewing is really improving! Yay!

For the backing fabric I used a soft yellow! I love how it looks with the binding fabric.

There's nothing better than laying on a homemade quilt in Zilker Park. All of those colors next to the green grass...lovely!

64" by 72" was the finished quilt size.

Somebody else really loves it, too. Look at that face, I don't think I'm getting this one back!


  1. You are doing a terrific job! I am so excited about all of your creative activity! Love it all, love you!


    1. Thank you Jeananne! You are my creative buddy! Love you too!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I knew the minute I laid eyes on you waaaaaaay back at a summer retreat that you were creative. Not to mention cute as a button! All that said....welcome to the quilting world. It is by far, the habit of my choice! Just can't seem to stop! I look forward to seeing more of what you do. Love you.


    1. Gosh, thank you so much K! I appreciate your kind words! Blessings to you!

  3. The colors are incredible, Beth... another masterpiece!