Friday, July 20, 2012

Rail Fence Quilt

A few months ago, my talented quilting friend Jeananne gave me a pattern to make a Rail Fence Quilt. I had never made a quilt before so I was super excited to get started! Little did I know how much I would learn and how much I would love making quilts!

I chose to pick BRIGHT fabrics.

These little 5 inch blocks were interesting to arrange. I could have done a pinwheel design but I chose to keep with the rail fence because I liked how it looked with the colors I picked.

Whew! I was glad to have everything sewn together.

Annie Kitty loved it from the beginning.

As soon as I put the borders on it actually felt a quilt to me!

Annie had to inspect! ;)

I decided to stitch in the ditch for this quilt using this helpful website.

Here is the finished quilt!

Here is the happy kitty!

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