Saturday, January 26, 2013

"Flow Zone" January Blocks!

I'm so proud of all of the January Blocks from the "Flow Zone" Block of the Month! So far, 8 people have made the January block and here are the finished products! We definitely are learning and talkin' shop. Jeananne even brought her cutting tools to give a quick tutorial and share her tips and techniques! 
Bettina's Block

Jeananne's Block

Carol's 1st Block

Carol's 2nd Block! Such an overachiever! ;-)

Karen's Block

Shannon's Block

Linda's Block

Chandler's Blocks

Pam's Blocks

I hope you can inquire from all of this *splendid block gorgeousness* that we can't wait for February's block...Jeananne's choice! Anyone out there who wants to join our learning community, it's never too late. If you finished a block, just send me a picture of your block and I can add it to this post!