Sunday, January 6, 2013

Grandma's Charm Square Quilt

In the quest to make my grandmother something for Christmas, another Elizabeth Hartman pattern, the Charm Squares Baby Quilt Pattern, caught my eye. My grandmother is not a baby, but she certainly does not need a large quilt when she is resting on her new couch! For her, my mother and I thought this would be the perfect quilt.
During my mother's visit last week, little did she know that we would be having so much fun in my new sewing room! She assisted me in selecting, cutting and organizing the fabric. A few of the fabrics are from Salt Water by Tula Pink and one of them is from Field Study by Anna Maria Horner...if I remember correctly. I'm not a fabric expert by any means, but I can definitely understand how buying fabric could be an addiction!
I sketched out the plan for the back over morning coffee!
I quilted a personal note on the bottom, but I almost wish I would have just quilted the entire thing with wavy lines. Oh well, Grandma will probably love the note more anyway!
My favorite part in making this quilt was my mother right by my side experiencing the entire quilt-making process. She did all of the pressing while I did the sewing. Together, we created not only a quilt but memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Mama, for all of your hard work! This quilt was a team effort!

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